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كمال يلدو: مع الاستاذ إدوين شُكر ويهود العراق التي تتجاوز علاقتهم بالوطن حدود الزمن والجغرافيا

A message in Arabic for the beginning of the Hebrew year 5777

On Celebrating Iraq’s football victory. Edwin Shuker


Israel Now with Edwin Shuker and Josh Reinstein


Middle East Report with Edwin Shuker and Simon Barrett


‘We Dreamt of Being Expelled’ – Edwin Shuker


i24 with Edwin Shuker and Shimon Ohayon


El Arabia documentary on Iraqi Jews in Britain, featuring Edwin Shuker

Nativ Robinson of Reshet Bet: Interview with Edwin Shuker (Hebrew)

An interview with the wonderful and affable Nativ Robinson of Reshet Bet.
Three hours on the Jews of Iraq in Hebrew! The message of opening hearts and minds to the Other, and of tolerance.

Listen here:


The English Hour with William Morris on ANN TV – Guest Edwin Shuker

Edwin Shuker discusses his youth in Iraq as a Jew, and his current work campaigning to allow Iraqi Jews to return home. The report also touches on anti-semitism and the role of the Jewish community in the Middle East peace process.